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Born and raised in a small border town of southern Ontario, this aquarius actress grew up surrounded and inspired by the colourful people + cultures of both Canada and Detroit, Michigan. At 25 she officially packed it in as an Ontarian and transplanted herself in the heart of Vancouver to pursue her passion of artistry + acting. As a creative philanthropist of sorts Julia has built a foundation of projects and efforts to aid in humanitarian relief as well as founded a gratitude project called The Chain of Gratitude. In her short life, Julia has worked in + traveled to many countries around the globe, and is continually looking for opportunities to creatively collaborate with people of all races, genders and cultures.

She sees herself as a person void of labels + encourages others to look at themselves as lable-less. If a few simple words could describe her, you could say that she is a hipster-hippy, vegetarian-vegan.ish artist who is a bleeding heart that gets off on being of service to others and making pretty things. Some of her turn-offs include routine, staying in one place too long (mentally or literally). This millennial woman is a creative cauldron of skills + talents looking to make art + films that will inspire others to live authentically + colourfully in every way possible.

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