I was born a child of the 90's into a set of particular circumstances where I was left often feeling isolated and alone. Growing up in a small town of 3000, I was blessed with some great memories but they were also laced with an underlying pain, feelings of being unwanted, or of being judged.


From a very early age, I had a strong intuitive power that led me to create things. All of the time. Every day. After school ended each day, I would rush home to watch the then popular Canadian kids TV show, "Art Attack". I would hide away in my bedroom to create. To escape. Time seemed non-existent and the hours and minutes passed effortlessly with feelings of ease, lightness, and familiarity like I was doing exactly what I needed to do, and I was exactly where I needed to be.


It is now my mission in life to create things and share them with the beautiful people of this magical world. To remember my inner child and find fun and excitement in everything I do or create, and to transpire those feelings into the lives of people who collect my art, read something I've written, or watch one of my movies. Creative self-expression is the sole reason for why I am here today, and it is my pleasure to share my own with the world and to inspire others to manifest it within themselves. I live to serve and heal others through art, just like it did for me. Whether it be through the visual art of a painting, or whether it is through playing a character in film or tv that resonates with others, I'd like to offer others comfort and support in times of struggle, or loneliness.


I love people and want everyone to feel valued, respected, included and able to express themselves in this one wonderful life we all have to live. As such, I am striving to build businesses that empower women AND men, fight the patriarchal norms, help sexual abuse victims reclaim&love their bodies and sensuality, and encourage everyone to live life as their most authentic self with love and joy. I am here to serve you through art AND have a good time!

Life is short, make sure to have some fun!


And most importantly, ALWAYS be kind to yourself and others.

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